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About Stephanie Norman

“Hi, We are Joe and Stephanie Norman, owners of The Norman Team, with JP & Associates REALTORS. Our primary goal is to provide superior service to our valued clients by giving them a great experience and the absolute best results.”

I became a Realtor in 2011 and have worked for three successful real estate agencies. I graduated at the top of my class with two Bachelor of Science Degrees in Architecture and Construction Management. Residential real estate is my passion, and I know more about homes than 99% of other agents out there.

My husband, Joe Norman, has successfully managed multi-million-dollar companies in Dallas/ Fort Worth Texas for close to a decade. His work ethic and negotiation skills are unmatched. Joe has had his real estate license for 15+ years.

Together we are the power team you want on your side. If you value your time and money, The Norman Team is the choice to help you meet all your real estate goals. We will help you achieve success and build wealth through real estate.